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Audio playback spped slows down and audio is jittery

After running play it live for 2 or more hours in automation. Audio playback slows on a random player with any track and audio becomes jittery. The audio files are in monitored folders on a NAS with gigabit network. player and normal playback returns when playback retruns by the time play it live plays again from that deck Play it live players are routed to seperate outputs on an audio interface

Thanks Jason!  it is the Audio Driver/Soundcard Causing the Fault,  thankyou for the Help From Nathan In Australia

Hi Nathan,

Have you tried running without the NAS? If it works without the NAS then you will know where the problem lies, otherwise we can remove that from the equation.

If the audio is jittery it could be an indication of an audio driver issue.


Please Note i did not choose the song it is playing randomly BUT the issue did show its ugly head!!!  have a listen NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED!!!

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