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Small bug in logged tracks page

When using the logged tracks page (Manage > Logged tracks) the custom fields don't behave correctly when using tab key to navigate.


If I select "custom" and enter a date in the "from" field (say 22) and hit tab, the cursor should jump to the next field ie hour, followed by another tab to jump to minutes. A further tab should then jump to the "To" date field, then hours, then minutes.


Instead, the first time you j=hit tab it jumps from From date to To date and then to the "export to csv" button. The expected behaviour is standard for Windows environments, especially when navigating using a keyboard.


One other possible request for enhancement for this page. As I always need to extract the same 2 hours every day, it would be nice if there was an option to "remember last range selected" in the custom field. Then I'd just up the day by 1 each time.


Many thanks for an excellent product.


Mark P

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Hi Mark,

I've noted your bug report and enhancement suggestion.



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