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Remote Sceduling Dropdown Clock Limit ??


 Hi  Jason

Is there an array limit on the population of the dropdown clock selection on remote scheduling?

Finding that now all clocks are showing , yet appear one  by one as I delete unused clocks,  so looks like the array has a limit  or the loop that populates the dropdown is too short.

We need quite a few clocks as we run monthly schedule on some things.


Hi Stephen,

It's quite possible there is a default limit of 80 imposed. I would need to check this. There should be no reason why all the clocks can't be displayed.

How many clocks do you have?


(PS I've deleted your duplicate post in Questions as this looks like a bug)

Hi Jason

We have 94 Clocks,  We have kept old studio clocks  but have had to duplicate a lot if clocks during covid for remote access  as presenters cant access studio, Thats pushed the number of clocks up  a fair bit, plus people are producing a lot more podcasts during covid  and again they each get their own clock.

Whenever i delete an old clock I get a new clock available on the remote dropdown. 
I have been changing things via teamviewer access to studio computer but not all presenters can do this so this is an easy fix, great - if not, we'll soon be back to a reasonable number of clocks as things open up again.

Thanks Jason


Hi Steve,

This new build should resolve the issue you were seeing:


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Thanks so much Jason , have installed and everything is showing now,


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