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Remote management > no waveform/audio not playable

I am trying to use basic remote management.

Tracks data editing works perfectly, but no way to get the audio waveform.

Also impossible to play, etc.

My tracks are all in AIFF format.
Any advice?
Txs in advance.

Hi Denis

The waveform/player relies on your browser's ability to understand the audio format of your audio files. I would assume that your browser does not support AIFF files. Which browser are you using?


Hey Jason.

I tried Chrome & Firefox. Both on Mac.
When I test on the radio server itsef (obviously Windows), using localhost, it's the same. No waveform.

Regarding Windows, I understand AIFF is not native there. But on my mac?



Weird enough, it works in Safari :)

Thank you for showing me the path, Jason.


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