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Lagging & Freezing on latest Playit Live

Hi All,

After trialling out this software for the days at home, keeping my brain sane.

It has run well for days, but noticed after putting all my segue points on all tracks in the database, it has seemed to now run much slower.

Even a simple thing of 'Edit Track' whilst songs are playing and even when they are not, the clock freezes for about 15 secs, then edit window comes up, when you then save the segue points in edit window, it then freezes again for around 15 secs. I've tried different window machines, music both local and also on external, even gone to the effort of downloading the last three versions. 

I've managed to segue point around 2,000 tracks with intro markers etc and catergorise. Just now half feel disappointed that i've got this way and really can't go much further, without having %100 trust, that it will not crash. 

My plan was to test at home locally, then eventually use for a full time radio station. Hope there will be further releases, still kept and backed up the database, as this took us several days of adding tracks, putting segue markers in intro points. 

To summary, when editing tracks on the fly, the big clock freezes for around 15 secs, then again when saving changes too. 

Noticed can be temperamental for 'finishing up' notification when also starting the program up.

Drag and dropping songs to playlist too, sometimes you get a freeze or mouse symbol sticks with the drop type way and won't change back to default for several seconds.

Also noticed on laptop... when music with log enabled, when next hour approaches, the playlist moves with the time. For example... at 1:58' once last song has ended at i.e 2:01pm....  any extra music from previous hour, is then marked out with a warning type symbol, which is great....the hour of 2pm's music plays.

On a pc, with all same spec above, the clock doesn't move with the pc time, it will carry on pulling from a policy pattern structure, rather than move on to the next hours of music when the 2pm time has passed, would usually play 2pm hours clock.

If there are any additional third party software to run alongside this, to make it run faster, be very happy to test. 

I've attached a video of the main big issue with stuff freezing. Mainly when updating assets, is the big one.

Can't wait for the next update :-) 


Hi Paul,

Please can you publish your Laptop and PC specs using Speccy: Run > Wait until scan has completed > File > Publish Snapshot > Yes > Copy to Clipboard > Paste the link here for each computer.

FYI you did not attach any video.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the rapid reply... and can't thank you enough again for helping us.

Link below for video > 

See speccy details attached for both my laptop (owner pc) and studio pc (darp).

Hi Paul

Looking at your specs, these are way below par for what I would expect. According to CPU Benchmark your laptop processor has a score of 900 ( (9 years old) and your studio PC processor is so old it does not appear on CPU benchmark (Xeon Irwindale - a Single Core from 2005?). A Core i5 processor from 5 years ago (the absolute minimum I would be expecting to be running a real-time system with built-in scheduling and database functionality) has a score of 6000 (

Admittedly the minimum specs for PlayIt Live are not published, but I will be publishing these soon.

I'm also concerned about how much time is spent loading the track waveform and writing to the database. At this point PlayIt Live is using the hard disk. Ensure that your hard disk is defragmented and is 7200 rpm. Even better, use an SSD. Do not use external hard drives as these will introduce additional slow-downs.

I think the fact it runs at all on an old Pentium set up is remarkable! I get pretty good results on a 3rd generation i5 with 16gb ram and an SSD.

Since the latest update, it all works fantastic, faultless

I'm using it on a I7 quad core and it still plays fine for about an hour then the audio will judder and the software will stop responding and crash!! HELP I cant use this for my station if it keep doing this!!

Mine is lagging a lot now too...

but I have a much newer pc... I am using the monitor folders feature a lot more now... if i do not have it segue the tracks will it do that before it plays?