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"No fade" Issue


Since a few days, i'm having issues with some songs... Even if the "no fade" box is unchecked, songs are playing til the end and over the next song.  Tried to check the box, save it, uncheck the box and save it again but still having that issue... Maybe someone can help me ?

I think "no fade" will only stop the level of the track decreasing as the transition to the new track starts.

You probably need to adjust the "cue out" point to be the very end of the track (or much closer to the end) if you don't want an overlap.

Page 69 of the PDF manual

defines the terms. 

Thanks Mark.. What I wanted to mean is, some songs continue playing during more than 3 seconds after the end cue point.  In my settings, the fading time is 3 seconds.  I'm using Playit Live since 4 years and is it the first time it's happening... A you will see on the pics, No fade is unchecked, but the song will continue playing making no fade



Very useful screenshots Eric.

I might see the problem.

1) The Benjamin Orr track has a long period of silence at the end.

The fade starts at "cue out" and ends at the end of the track (file). As there is silence at the end the fade would be still in progress for the whole length of the actual music (and never really fades before the music stops). I would estimate the track has perhaps 8 seconds of silence at the end (using the intro as a measure).

I would try editing the track to get rid of the silence at the end (you can use MP3 Direct Cut for this)

2) The "envelope" looks wrong

Also there is not a fade shown on the envelope (which is odd as there is a cue out point on the track). Is the jingle set as a "sweeper" ?

3) Is the second track very quiet ?

From the look of it, the second track is low level compared to the first track & jingle. This often happens if one is taken from and old CD and the other is a recent CD or MP3 download.

I recommend making tracks a similar "subjective loudness" (try MP3 gain for this on a COPY of the files).

It would also probably sound better if you delayed the start of the jingle a bit but the fundamental problem is the fade length of the first song.


Just to clarify the behaviour of "No fade".

When a track has "No fade" ticked, it means that the track will not be faded when the cue point is hit and the following track plays. This is useful if the track is already fading. The track will play to completion and will be unloaded when it reaches the end of the track, not the end of the fade time. If the track has already been scheduled and No Fade is ticked "off", PlayIt Live has already decided on the segue behaviour for that track and the No Fade behaviour will remain on the segue. When the track is scheduled in the future, the fading behaviour will be respected.

Of course, all of the above is rendered moot if the segue is manually edited and will show as "Custom" on the segue style dropdown, or the fade envelope is manually edited.

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