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No audio

I've just downloaded the free play it VT version to have a play round and there is no music coming out of my PC anybody got any tips. Tried e-mailng Jason but not yet had a response Thanks

Lew, the cartwall is an audio output. How do you make it a source (input) to the DAW?

I recently downloaded Cartwall to my main studio computer, my DAW is Audacity.

these two programs do not seem to play nice with each other. Audio on my CW will not record to my DAW. However, when "record" is disengaged, it plays just fine through my control board. Of course, both programs are resident on the same computer, but that shouldn't make a difference, should it?

I have a dual-processor/dual memory computer with a premium sound card. 


Hi Jason. I have resolved the issue. Not entirely sure what was wrong but I did an uninstall then reinstall and miracously everything then worked. Thanks. I enjoyed watching the you tube video on voice tracking and will have a go at that later. Best regards.

Hi Anthony,

Please can you confirm that you have selected the appropriate audio device under File > Settings and confirmed these settings with the OK button.


Hi I have the same problem.  I can't  get audio from my pc to my mixing desk.  I can if I use VLC so I know that its not the PC.  

Is there a setting I have to tweak?

Hi Gareth,

As you know this has been resolved in the latest version.


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