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Simple question!

Does anyone know if Playit live have a mass update facility?

What I am trying to achieve is :

Having two folders  1 = winter jingles    1 = summer jingles.

I would like to be able to mass update each instance in the clocks where Winter jingles are listed in each clock by replacing that entry with Summer jingles.

We operate both short and long periods of sustaining services and our jingles play a very important part in our activities.

But it takes quite a time to check each clock and replace each entry of Winter jingles with Summer jingles and of course it relies on a human to check him/her self to ensure that they have not missed a file to be amended.

Of course no files are removed - just the entry in the clock is amended to read Summer jingles instead of Winter jingles.

Any ideas please.


Peninsula Radio

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