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I have a problem with the monitored folders. I will try to explain it as clearly as possible.
We use the monitored folders to add the contents of our program (music, info, chronicles, etc ...) from our offices via a shared folder (say folder "P") on the computer with PlayIt Live, these files are put in a track group (say track group "T")
We found that files could not be deleted. More exactly we delete them and reloading the page they still appear in the folder "P" and in the track group "T" on PlayIt Live.
They exist but are no longer readable either via PlayIt Live or via VLC for example.
You must close PlayIt Live and relaunch it so that they disappear permanently.
After several manipulations I realized that it only did so with the files that I had opened via the editor or for which I had edited the transitions on the playlist.
Is this a known problem?
Thank you for your feedback.


it seems perfect until yesterday where I experienced the same issue than before...

The file I opened in the editor is still locked in playit live.

It can't be played, can't be deleted and have no info (kb/s, meta data etc...)

I can use my OS explorater instead but having the files I want into the software without having to open something else is very useful.

Am I the only one still with this issue after the last update ?

Perfect with the latest version ! I just had to be patient ;)

Thank you Jason.


Are you running the latest version of PlayIt Live? There was a known issue previously where files loaded into the segue editor would remain locked until PlayIt Live was restarted.


and sorry for my, probably, bad english...

no one have this issue ?

maybe I posted it at the wrong place.

Thanks for the feedback.

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