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2nd sound card

I have a Soundblaster Audigy as my main soundcard and I've recently added a USB soundcard. I have no room for a second sound card so I had to go for the USB type. When I was live on air, several random tracks from my playlist refused to play and the USB sound card refused to work at all. My SB sound card plays the all music in the playlist and the USB sound card was set to play the separate cartwall and the pre fade listen. Is there a known issue with making two sound cards working? Do USB sound cards not get on with Playit live?

I am now using my soundblaster card on its own and playit is still having random moments where it will start to play a track and then stop or it won't play at all. A restart of playit fixes it. I had a similar problem a year ago but that was down to having less than 10GB free on my SSD. I currently have 62GB free so I'm guessing it's not that this time. I am running the latest version of playit and Windows 10. Please help.

Hi Chris,

It is a known issue that PlayIt Live does not cope well to losing connection with audio devices. Audio devices are initialised once when PlayIt Live starts. If a device is disconnected (or this is a faulty driver) PlayIt Live will not pick it up when it returns (which is why it will work again when PlayIt Live restarts). Please check you have the latest drivers installed for both your sound cards.


Hello Chris,

I really couldn't get a Soundblaster card to work under the recent versions of Windows 10 at all.

I think you will find it's a Soundblaster driver issue. If you do find one of the newer drivers that actually works I would be quite interested to know.

I've had a bit of a soundcard "habit" and tried a few. At the relatively budget end (where I am) the ESI U6DJ and it's associated driver seems OKĀ 

Or UDJ6 even....

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