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Crash during library ingest causing complete loss of data

 I just spent the day having the app ingest our music library. Eventually it threw up an error saying the the value "Value" was 101 and could not exceed 100. I followed the instructions to send a report upon which point the app crashed to desktop with complete loss of all music library data ingested during the day (a little under 100,000 items), which was a pain to say the least.

The issue seems to be that the ingest process encountered more items that it had allowed for, and as a result the "value" of the percentage completed counter exceeded 100% and it fell over.

It would be useful to know how to avoid this error before I risk wasting another day... any thoughts or observations?

The same dialogue offered me an upgrade to but the download does not start either automatically or via the direct link.



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The new version download succeeded later in the evening.


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