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Database Destruction using Monitored Folders


I have identified a bug when using monitored folders. A couple of months ago, I enabled monitored folders on a specific folder that I add current mainstream music to. The folder itself contains about 2700 files of music that was contained on Promo Only Mainstream and Rhythm radio discs. The first time it was enabled, I felt it a little sluggish for a simple comparison of 2700 files, as .NET should whip through that in mere milliseconds. Nonetheless, I kept it enabled and went about my business. After a month or so, I noticed PlayIt Live crashing on a regular basis. At first I chalked it up to the broadcast plugin instabilities that a few people have run into. I continued to restart the program every couple of days. This week though, I noticed that PlayIt Live would not start at all after crashing. It kept getting hung up on either the "initialising change data" step or the loading Monitored Folder step of loading. I let it sit for at least an hour on a couple of occasions, with no movement. I also tried updating to the newest release, in case you had already addressed a problem, no go. 

I started poking around, looking for a way to manually disable monitored folders through an XML or config file somewhere. That's when I noticed my database file was 600 MB..... at first I thought nothing of it, until I looked in the Database Backup Folder and saw that the backup that was taken before I enabled monitored folders was a more reasonable 37 MB. I removed my current database, and copied the backup in its place. BAM! The program started in seconds. 

The crazy part is that the amount of songs that were physically added to the folder between the 37MB database and the 600MB one was about 200 songs. 

In addition, while it was attempting to load this huge database on startup, the amount of memory used, shown by Task Manager was over 3GB, which is usually around the 200MB range instead.

Something is occurring in the background with Monitored folders that is doing something nasty to the file size of the database. I didn't do any investigation between the database files, but I can make them available for you to take a look at. I will need a location to send the dropbox links to. 



Hi Tom,

There are some known issues with regards to Monitored Folders. PlayIt Live tracks every change for the purposes of syncing for the Remote Management feature. As the monitored folders feature can add and delete tracks as files are added and deleted, this can result in a large number of changes being tracked which can bloat the database. This is particularly noticeable for network folders which can toggle offline and online, resulting in track files being deleted and re-added.

We are working on the best way to resolve this issue for the next version and improve the performance of the "Initialise change data" step.


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Jason, That's great news to hear that it is a known bug. Excellent work, excellent software. Thank you, Tom
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