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Could Not Schedule After 1000 Iterations


We are encountering several recent errors with PlayIt Live that are resulting in crashes and dead air. 
This morning, we received a flurry of error messages stating "Could Not Schedule After 1000 Iterations" and once they were all closed, the program dumped. (screenshot attached) Anyone knows what this error means? "1000 Iterations" would seem to suggest some kind of unhandled race condition? 

Also, other probs:
--Time change to Standard Time from Daylight Saving resulted in one hour of dead air. (screenshot attached)
--Three days ago, one of our broadcasters inserted both a hard and soft time marker into the playout log at the same time, and an hour later, it resulted in a situation where multiple tracks all started playing at once. Probably need some way to ensure only one fixed time marker in a time slot. Again, resulted in dead air. (screenshot attached)

(4.13 MB)
(4.78 MB)

Hi Brian,

Thanks. I will check out the issue with the multiple fixed time markers together.


Update....figured out the new build solves the 1000 iterations error, and I'm assuming the extra hour of dead air during DST changes.  The other problem with the fixed time markers still an issue.

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