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I have it set up, with a clock, like the YouTube instructional video teaches. I assigned the clock to the schedule and told it to repeat each hour forever. It 3/4 does the job. Each day it takes care of all but 5-6 hours per day. Those I have to do manually. Why isn’t the program filling all 24 of a 24 hour day? Why does it skip over some. Us this normal or just me?

Hi Gerry,

This sounds like a playout policy issue. Can you post screenshots of your setup, and maybe we can help?



Things will schedule just fine and then -poof- there are 3-4 hours just missing that I have to schedule. Completely random. I am only running the one clock right now. I told the machine to just keep repeating that same clock until 1/3/19.

Hi Gerry

How many songs are in the Swing & Big Band group? I can see from the list that you have another playout policy, can I see that? Please can you also post a screenshot of the version you are running (Help > About).


There is about 500 songs in Big Band. I removed the 6 hour rule- I didn’t even know it existed. Duh! I changed the 3 hour to 1 hour until we can make some headway. Photos are attached. Thank you, Jason!

Hi Gerry,

I would say that the 6 hour playout policy was causing the issue. You would have had to have 6 hours of unique artists to fulfil the requirements.

The next version of PlayIt Live will try to give a reason why items are not being scheduled into the log which will help to avoid this problem in the future.


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That’s a great idea. Now that I am adding (shhhhhhhhh...) a few Christmas songs per hour In going to do a new clock. The Christmas music is another 400 songs. There is only so much Big Band to play. It is possible I’ll need to add a genre to the Big Band that is complimentary. I’m thinking Dixieland and/or some popular blues. Blues and Swing has an entire group of musicians and songs...
Would it matter I purposely overscheduled the number of songs so there would be no break in playback? Also- why must I go in and remove the soft breaks before I allow the hour to air? The playback stops when it reaches a soft break. The hard break at the top of hour simply discards last hours umplayed stuff and keeps the clock “honest.”
I did the following: 1. Created the clock with the Christmas music just starting to schedule. 2. Set the Playout to 1 hour 3. Ran a schedule out for 1 week. All in all it looks pretty good. 1-5 mistakes per day where files didn’t load. However, NO missing hours and things look pretty damn good. I will have to work 15-30 minutes on a day as opposed to 3-4 hours. I’m happy. Thank you Jason for showing me the path to follow. -Gerry


How can i repeat my log??

i have created one day log and i want to put it on next day with little change how can i do?? Excellent tutorial.
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