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PlayIt won't run!

I put the program in my home computer...tried it and loved it. Wouldn't work in my radio station that uses Windows XP so I bought a new Windows 7 for the station. Loaded everything but there are a ton of errors that pop up when I try to start it. The only difference is my home computer is 64 bit and the new one I bought is 32 bit. I'm sure the problem is in the NET Framework 4.0.30319.. I did get the Cartwell program to run but not Playit Live. I can't find anywhere about system requirements on your website.

Hi Bruce,

PlayIt Live requires a minimum of .NET Framework 4.7.1. To install this requires that your Windows 7 is updated to Windows 7 SP1.


I finally got it running today. I had to DELETE the folder with NET FRAMEWORK and re-load it manually. It started working...however Cartwell stopped running. No big deal...I needed PlayIt live. Seems to be running flawlessley and sounds like a DJ is mixing it live...not one second of dead air. Going to let it run a couple days before I put it on the air. Thanks!

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