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PlayIt Live Freezing when saving a segue or voice track then taking up to 20 minutes to restart

Hi Everyone, 

I am a long user on PlayIt Live, Love It

But recently it has become quite unhelpful.

We rely heavily on the voice track function and when saving voice tracks and segue the window will freeze force me to shut it down then it takes up to 20-25mins to restart.

Anyone have any ideas


Hi Bradley,

Please could you send me your data and logs - you can do this by running this tool on your PlayIt Live computer:

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to send me your data.

Hopefully this will help me understand what the issue is.



Thanks heaps Jason,

It wouldn't automatically send the info to you so I have it to as a google drive link.

Thanks again

Hi Jason, sorry to keep bothering you with this but I had to shut PIL down again and it has been sitting on "Loading....Initialising Monitored Floders 100%" for an hour now.

I'm going to try another computer and merge my data across.

I took some pics of the task manager and where it is stuck and attached.

(2.35 MB)

Hi Bradley,

The size of the data/logs you sent me is 700MB. It looks like PlayIt Live has logged an excessive amount of information.

This looks related to Monitored Folders. It looks like you've pointed some at folders that contain a lot of non-music, e.g. pngs and doc files. PlayIt Live will log these as warnings and fill up the log.

Your database has also grown to over a GB. I'm not entirely sure what could have caused this. I can help you repair this database, but I away from a computer for the next 2 days so will have to wait until then.


Oh ok, no worries

I need to back to this computer asap I might just uninstall and start fresh and just watch what being put into monitored folders

I'll let you know how I go.

Thanks heaps for your information 

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