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FYI elgato stream deck

we have been  using a elgato stream deck for controlling some playit functions and it works great

up and down key stroke functions for the track list would now be nice

worked out the how to scroll the track list - but it would be nice to have a insert below function in live assist as when you chose to inset a track in live assist mode to and not above any track waiting in the stack to go next  

would love the choice for a  much simpler  views in the track stack list in live assist mode for our use  we just need a list of what track will air next when go is push and if it will follow on to the next track or stop and then have the track disappear from the stack list after play - this is the main reason our people prefer mixxx as a play out system.


It isn't a cheap unit but the ability to put pictures on buttons is neat.

I'm assuming that you make it emulate key strokes that are in turn linked to PlayIt Live functions.

A similar function (perhaps using an iPad or other touch screen device) would be good to have built in to PlayIt Live.

having the stream deck emulate key strokes is what we have

The good thing about the stream deck is you can set up different page/folders  

on the bottom of out live assist page we 2 high 5 row deck stack of carts and then corresponding  color trigger set up on the stream deck to match as well as a scroll button to scroll through the pages to chose the wanted carts 

the we have alive assist page that allows us to scroll up and down the track list and inset the wanted track into the live assist stack the only problem is the track inserts at the top of the stack not the bottom  a follow on button and then also a start / stop button 


we are a community station most of quite older people and making things simple as possible is the desire 

giving people there own page of 10 carts then can just trigger at will has been of great delight to our broadcasters - if we could simpler the live assist in any way - use i know a lot of work has gone into making platyit what is but it over kill for us - :) 

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