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Everything stops...

I have PlayIt Live running on two identical PC's. Both have Intel quad core i5 processors with 4GB RAM and have ample hard drive space etc. 

I've noticed that one or other machine will stop dead at random times. Thew screen freezes showing what was playing, but the time stands still, the PC drops off the network and streaming obviously stops too.

Bother are playing the same scheduled programming, if both stopped together I would suspect an audio file or something, but one will stop and the other keeps going.

I cannot even CTRL+ALT+DEL the dead machine, it's frozen. 

All I have running is PlayitLive and an internet clock (Symmtime) on each. The clock fires up every 123 minutes to check itself, thereby keeping the PC to time. I've used Symmtime for many years and have no idea if that has been actioned at the time the PC fails or not, there are no logs. 

I am about to install a silence detector on one machine which will monitor the first PC, if it goes down then I will fire up PlatIt on the second machine and resume streaming from there, only one machine can be streaming to a given server at any one time of course. 

I've put this in as a bug report but have no idea if PlayIt is the culprit taking the machine down.... I've seen it happen on both machines though, the only common factor is PlayIt. 

Looking at the system monitor PlayIt usually takes about 22-24% of the processor power and the PC isn't under stress. I'm lost as to why it hangs like this...? 

Hi Gordon,

Your problematic machine definitely sounds like a hardware issue. Given that the PC is dropping off the network and you can't even CTRL-ALT-DEL the machine would indicate it is not a PlayIt Live software issue. Software taking out Windows is near impossible these days.

What Windows OS are you using?


I would have said hardware too, but it does it on two machines...

It's Windows 10 Home 64 bit using Intel Quad Core i5-2400 @3.10GHz and 8GB RAM. 

PlayIt is at V2.03 (Build 2245) and I note a new version waiting to install. 

Some earlier reports suggested that Windows resources were being used up, but I cannot monitor this - it's either working or has stopped. 

It's worrying... I have two identical machines, both are M$ refurbished and were clean when i got them only a few weeks ago. They are set up so one will run live and the other will be on, but monitoring the stream. If it goes silent then the second machine will fire up PlayIt and start to stream. The detector also sends email to me to let me know it's been triggered. 

As yet that's not active, both boxes are streaming on different servers to soak test, and that's how I've come to notice the crashes.

I should have added - Win 10 is Version 1709 (OS Build 16299,492)

Windows updates are stopped - I hate it going down during the night to reboot without warning. 

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