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PlayIt Recorder - Excessive CPU load

Hi folks

I think this effect has only recently started happening.

Now, this software is taking over 40% CPU load on a fast Windows 7 PC, I'm sure it was nothing like this previously.

Any ideas please? 



Hi Mike,

Please can you show a screenshot of your Task Manager showing PlayIt Recorder using the excessive CPU. Are there any other processes using any CPU? Does the excessive CPU issue go away if you restart PlayIt Recorder?


HI Jason

Apologies for the delay, I hadn't noticed you'd replied.

I've attached a screenshot.

It shows other processes running but Recorder is hogging the bulk, as you can see ... 

Restarting it makes no difference and I've also reinstalled it, that made no difference either.

Many thanks,


(178 KB)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the screenshot. I don't see such CPU issues here so must be specific to your data. Please could you run this tool to send me your data:

The onscreen instructions should be straight forward.



Thanks Jason

Run and sent in last few minutes  ... 


Hi Ian

I'm seeing 0% CPU on my machine with your configuration and 1% when recording.


It's possible that your recording location of a shared drive (UNC Path) is causing the CPU issues. The disk space of this location will be repeatedly checked. Could you try changing the path to a local path and re-check the CPU?

You could also try mapping the UNC path to a drive letter to resolve the issue.



Hi Jason
Many many thanks, that has done the trick.

I've mapped the network drive location and its solved the issue!

Very helpful and good to know this was not 'good practice'.

Best regards,


Excellent. Glad to hear this resolved the problem.

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