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"Sweep Intro" fires too early

The "Sweep Intro" behaves very strange in Live-Assist Mode on my machine. It looks and works as intented in the Segue Editor:


Cue-out of "Station ID" fits to the end of the intro which I'd expect


When it's played by the automation later, it starts making me nervous. I simulated it to understand, what's happening:


The music starts on cue-out of the previous song (as expected), but "Station ID" seems to start exactly when the previous song ends instead of intro minus "Station ID" duration.

Fun fact: The ducking is still is in place and happens where it's intended - that's why I believe it's a bug and no misusage.

Hi Falk,

I have not seen this behaviour before. How many live assist players do you have set up? Sweeper scenarios require at least 3 live assist players.


Hey Jason,

I have all 4 players active.

For a test, I inserted some music (Cue Out/In) and IDs (Sweep Intro). Music is set to Sweeper = Off, No Fade = On, Jingles are Sweeper = On, No Fade = On.

Screenshots before and after the segue:


The start times of the music and the jingle are 23 seconds apart. ~28 (intro) minus ~5 (Jingle) equals 23. Interesting is that 01:42:41 is in the past. See the clock 01:42:47 on the right.


The segue started at 01:43:04 as expected. The previous music ended ~7 seconds later. That's when the jingle started playing. That's 15 seconds too early.

Maybe this function isn't made for what I want from it or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Falk,

The segue triggers have been re-worked in the latest version of PlayIt Live. Please can you try this version and tell me if the issue is resolved? -

Hey Jason,

it got a bit better: In some cases it works now – as intented. But in most cases it still doesn't.

I couldn't figure out any pattern. The playout times are all valid until the track starts. Then the time of the Drop increases until the outro of the song before has endet and then the drop is played.

Could the duration of the intros have an impact? Most intros are about 50 to 60 seconds long. The drops only have 4 to 7 seconds.

Hi Falk,

Please can you send me your data and logs using this tool:

Please can you also tell me which set of tracks in the log were problematic and send me those audio files (upload them to your prefered cloud storage) so I can exactly reproduce the problem you have been describing.


Hi. Was this problem resolved as I have exactly the same issue?

I've had PlayIt Live pumping out an automated station for me 24/7 for some months now and it is absolutely rock solid apart from this little problem.

Exactly as above, the sweeper is firing when the previous audio comes to a complete end and not to the intro marker. Also as above, I have 4 players running.

To make it even stranger, it only happens about two thirds of the time. Occasionally it will play out as expected.

Any help on this would be gratefully received.

Hi Simon,

Falk never sent the data and logs as requested so I was never able to reproduce this issue as described. If this happens again, please return here and download the Diagnostics Tool above and send your data and logs. Please reply here detailing the tracks that were playing when you observed the glitch and the time of day.


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