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PIL is crashing after a couple days.

I don't have a screenshot, but it is saying that an exception has occurred after a couple days of 24/7 playing.  Has anyone had any trouble with this.  I love PIL, and I bought the processing plugin, but being a radio station I can't drop out.  

I'll try to get a pic as soon as I can.  Shouldn't be a computer issue, this pc has an AMD 8 core with 10 GB ram.  Win 7 64

Here is the error

Hello Brian,

Not very helpful but I've had PlayIt Live running on relatively low spec Windows 7 64 bit machines for weeks at a time without issue.

Where I have had problems it tends to be sound card related.

My approach is to have the absolute minimum on the machine beyond a clean operating system install (patched up to date) and the sound card drivers.

Thanks. I have turned off the built in streaming encoder to try that first. So far two days with no crashes. I have a blank install of win 7. Im using a digigram vx222 sound card its been a good card but you never know.

Hello Brian,

I don't have experience of the Digigram cards but I would stick to either input or output on a single card.

I have had various cards and I have not found a setup where bothoutput and input on the same card works well.

ASIO out and a different (non ASIO) card for the input would be my suggestion. In a setup where reliability matters streaming using B.U.T.T. or similar on a different (dedicated) machine would be my recommendation. 

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