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Playout constantly goes to the end

I'm in the middle of my show now and the playout list keeps going to the end of the list. If I try to scroll to the songs I just played it moves to the end. Very annoying. 

I'm still experiencing this problem. Any idea why?


Hi Ron,

Are you scrolling with the mouse wheel or clicking the page up and down arrows?

I use the mouse wheel. Last two shows it didn't happen. But when it does happen it's very annoying.  

If you can create a video when it happens again that would be very useful.

Probably not because I'm on air and don't think I have that capability on that machine.  However I may be able to use my phone.



Finally recorded this issue. Seems the play out list has a mind of it's own. Every time I moved the list where I want it and moved the cursor it just went wherever, top, bottom. but would not stay where I wanted it to stay. Made it very difficult to comment on songs.

Hi Ron,

It looks like PlayIt Live is periodically "returning to home" even though you are scrolling away. I have never seen this behaviour. Just to confirm, are you running the latest version?


Actually I'm not scrolling just moving the mouse. Well sometimes I scroll. When it "Returns to Home" and I do scroll to where I want it, then move the mouse out of the way and that's when it "Returns to Home" It doesn't happen all the time but when it starts doing this, usually in the middle of the show, I am unable to restart PlayIt to get it to stop. Seems that's the only way to get it to stop. I hope you can duplicate it and find a resolution. Other than this I truly love the software, sure there are minor things I'll like to see improved but all-in-all it's stable and does a wonderful job. 


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