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Metadata Override

With Live365, constant updated metadata is a requirement. This becomes almost impossible with a Live DJ Mix. There needs to be a "set" button for the Metadata override in the stream window. It updates the server while you type, resulting in numerous DMCA violations. You need to be able to type the whole thing and then set the data to send. 

To further expand upon this feature. It would be great to have the ability to have timed metadata updates during a song. IE: If I'm playing a 1 hour DJ mix, having a window to be able to set the tracks that are actually playing, utilizing minutes and seconds into the track would be ideal for Live365s requirements. It would be great to just be able to paste a premade text file into that box, to facilitate easy saving of sets.   Also an "edit" button on the "aux input" line item to be able to instantly set the Metadata would make it easy to accommodate a live DJ that is connected to the equipment.


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