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PlayIt just stopping, like a stuck CD

Been running with no issues since Saturday morning, then twice today PlayIt just stopped responding, the audio started stuttering and repeating over itself then stuck like a damaged cd. Programme wouldn't respond had to force close. Nothing else running on the pc and we've been minimizing the main window as was suggested before on this forum. Memory usage was 50% which shouldn't cause a problem like that. My worry is, this will happen overnight when the station is on auto. Anyone any suggestions? I am now wondering if the same thing which happened last week and we put down to high memory usage was not related to the memory issue at all.

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Hi Jason, just to update this - does indeed appear to have been a soundcard issue. Moved to a USB soundcard for main players and have had no bother with this issue since.

From memory it's the inbuilt realtek soundcard we are using as main output with cue and jingles on two usb audio boxes. Will check full details when in later.

Hi Darren

This sounds like a sound driver issue. Please could you list your operating system and the sound device you are using?

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