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Playitlive crashes

Sometimes Playitlive stucks or crash after drsg drop a external mp3 from a folder. It doesnt happen with drag drop from Playitlive library. Wish you a Happy Newyear Jason!

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Playitlive crashes, not so often, but at random times. I always use it in automation mode.
It cues the next item and then this item won"t play. Impossible to eject this item from the log or player. Instead the previous item is play again and again.
To get out of this loop, I have to delete all future tracks and items from this point in the log.
Close Playitlive. The UI disappears from screen but remains in taskmanager, where I have to "kill it", before I can restart again.
Then it will play for 5 songs or even 5 houres and then I have to to this alll over again...


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