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Microphone mix plugin problem


I am here again with my Microphone Mix plugin problem. I created video to explain it all.. So I hope everything is clear :) 

Video embed does not work here, so here is the link:

I am sorry, but will I get an answer anytime soon? :) I hope that I did everything I can to report this bug. :/ 

Hello Simon,

I've not got the Microphone mix plugin but I have to say I'm not a great fan of the idea !

I would mix a microphone in using a "real" physical mixer.

However, my guess is the problem starts with the sound card and mixing input and replay but I can't really make out from your video what is going on.

There is also the conceptual problem of what the "output" of PlayIt Live is. 

The documentation (which I guess you have already read) is at

That suggests that you need to select a source and a destination.

The microphone will only feed the destination if you press the push to talk button.

It may, however be that your sound card has some sort of "pass through" that alters that.

Hi Mark!

Thank you for your answer.

Well..I know, the psychical mixer is the best solution, but I don´t have space here to use it a permanent solution :/ 

But what I found:

The "laggy sound: Maybe unsupported 48Khz input?

What is my output: I am using "PlayIt Live Main Mix" as the streamed one, and my soundcard output to headphones, but I have "no playback" in Microphone Mix plugin normally because My soundcard does latency-free monitoring of inputs - so I am checking my output there.

What I discovered now is: When I turn on the mic, it will start on normal volume, but the volume will be turned down in next few seconds. Yes, I checked windows settings - there is no "normalization" or something like this turned on.

Thanks for your time, Simon.

Hello Šimon,

It is a bit of a guess, but is the problem something related to the keyboard shortcut key setting and keyboard autorepeat.

If you press the key (briefly) with the mic keyboard shortcut set to latched, the mic should stay on until the key is pressed again. If the key "autorepeats" (a windows setting" after being pressed for a while it will act as if the key is repeatedly pressed. I wonder if this is your problem.


i was waiting for the new verison and I tested everything again. I also used virtual input as a soundcard to test everything without possibility of problem with my soundcard.

The sound is still silent and broken. When I set the same input (physical - mic or virtual) as a line in source, it works just fine on good volume level and without any problems. So it´s definitely a problem of the microphone plugin as the output of the virtual soundcard (using voicemeeter banana) is alright.

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