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System does not play clock

I followed steps in the Youtube video

I set up a clock copying the video suggestion, that is Country Song, Liner, Country Song, Liner, Country Song, Liner etc.

I then scheduled the clock.

Playit live scheduled a random secelction of tracks with no liners as per clock and breaking the playout policy within the first eight minuties by playing the same artist twice.

I logged out of the system and logged back in to see if that made a difference, it didn't.

Playit Live is set on Manual.

Please see screen shots, taken within seconds of each other.

Why is PlayIt live doing it's own thing without having regard to Playout Policy or clock? What am I doing wrong?

I'm using Version 1.17 (build 1641)

Thank you,


having the same issues here. I've deleted my playout policy, it fixed it for a short time, now it's all over the road again, and adding songs that aren't even in that category. My platout pattern is the same category as my playlist. so it should just fill the time if needed... this worked great in the past, i don't know why suddenly it has stopped

Hi Ric,

Catching up these forum messages. Is this still a problem? Can you show some screenshots of each part showing what you expect to be scheduled and what is actually scheduled?

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