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Playout Policy not working

I have a filtered Track Group with 2065 songs in it. It is called Country Songs.

My Playout Policy shows "Do Not Play The Same Track For At Least 3 Hours" and "Do Not Play The Same Artist For At Least 1 Hour"

The checkmark is ticked beside the track group Country Songs.

My Playout Log shows that artists are being playing within the same hour (Vince Gill at 19.35, 19.49 and 20.21), one artist within the same 10 minutes (Kris Kristofferson 20.10, 20.17) and one within 20 minutes (Glen Campbell 19.53, 20.04.)

I have not set up a clock or a playout pattern or a schedule (as I've had problems with these, logged elsewhere on this forum).

Why would the playout policy not work? Do I need to have a playout pattern set up? Or a clock set up, or a schedule set up, or to reset the system after creating the playout policy, or switch playout to manual?

In essence, I'm following all the steps as set out on the YouTube videos, yet PlayIt Live just seems to be playing what it wants, when it wants with no regard to playout policies (clocks, playout pattern, etc)

Any work around would help.

I'm using Version 1.17.

Thank you,


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 Hi all,

I'm experiencing the same problem.  Ralph explained it perfectly above.

My playout policy shows "Do Not Play The Same Artist For At Least 1 Hour", yet Playit will play the same artist 3 times in a 1 hour span? 

Does anyone have any tips? Help!



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