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Playit crashed and will not load back up

Hi Jason it's damien from voltage rock & metal having issues with play it 1.15 it crashed then came out of it tried to reload and this message keeps coming up and it won't load playit live can u help me please

Hi Damien,

What was the software doing before it crashed?

By the way, I do not support versions less than the latest version (currently 1.16). Please could you upgrade and tell me if the problem still exists.


Thanks Jason I had the 1.15 because the new version didn't work but will try it agian thanks
Hi i was running play it live with music playing then went in to track groups then it crashed
Hello Damien, I had a broken install of the Microsoft KB patch that PlayIt Live installs and that caused random crashes and sound card issues. I found it in "add and remove programs" (or whatever it is called) and repaired the installation. That fixed it for me, I suggest you try that.
Hi mark it was the new Windows 10 update so I went back to using the older version as the new update did not recognise device or audio inputs.
i had the same tissue today. i wanna add a track and get a message "playitlive doesnt work anymore" i closed and restart and then it was okay. it was during broadcasting.
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