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URL Fade

Just Lately the feed from the URL Fades at the end. That's no good for the news feed which I use it for. I've played the same feed into another player and there is no problem. Everything else is fine. ADs etc. all finish properly.

Any Ideas.


Cliff King

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Hi Cliff,

Did you get a resolution to this? I'm experiencing the same issue - my news is fading off with five seconds to go and you can't hear the sign off!


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Hi Dan.

I've still not heard back from Jason about the fading URL issue. I found that by pre-setting the duration time to 1-58 it doesn't fade but you do loose the outro from the news bulletin. Usually the name of the News reader.

I'll let you know if anything comes back from Jason.


I have just noticed your post after I posted the same query. Have you resolved the problem yet? 

I've managed to get around it by (in Automation) unticking 'segue' in the clock. Rest assured the news will finish (non-faded) and the next item will fire.


Cliff - can I ask what news source you take?


Hi Star Radio. I have been running my system with the segue untucked and it seems to of done the trick. It was a bit unnerving with the 1 second dead air gap at first but it soon becomes the norm. Thanks for resolving the issue. Cliff.

I've tried the above idea and the news is still fading out for me. Does anyone else have any ideas. I have tried the stream both as a file and live stream.  I would really appreciate any help. :)


I am aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next version of PlayIt Live. I am not aware of any workaround for this issue currently.


Thank Jason,

Looking forward to the update.



This issue has now been resolved in the latest update to PlayIt Live 1.17 which can be downloaded from:



Many thanks, If I download, will it run with all tracks etc that have been set up on the previous version.

Yes, previous data is always retained with all upgrades.

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