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PlayItLiveSetup_1.15.2.1437.exe click and nothing happens!

I have an unusual problem.  I downloaded PlayItLiveSetup_1.15.2.1437.exe as well as the associated programmes and plugins.   When I attempted to install Playit Live by clicking the exe, nothing happens, just the cursor spins for a few seconds. 

Everything else installed correctly but not the most recent version  Interesting to note that the previous version installed without issue PlayItLiveSetup_1.15.1.1433.exe.

I have disabled my antivirus but to no avail.

Any Suggestions please?

Windows 10 Pro

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I have the same problem. I klick on the exe file but nothing happens. I have also windows 10 x64. Bug in the setup file in the program? Please help us! :-)

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Version: Still unable to open

Windows 10 Pro

Hi Michael,

Do you have any antivirus or similar software that could be blocking the program from running?


Hi Jason,

As I mentioned in my original post, I had disabled my AV (AVAST) with no apparent effect.

I have deleted all instances of the software, Rebooted, waited a few days whilst various other installations of unrelated software took place, turned OFF my AV and hey presto.  Both Playit LIVE and Voicetrack installed and opened when clicked!.

It's working but I have no idea what process contributed to it happening therefore I can't mark the topic as SOLVED.  



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