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Unable to pause playing tracks in Live Asist mode.

Uisng latest version of Play It Live (1.14) . Am using Windows 10 PC. Can start stop and pause  tracks in Decks mode but not in Live Assist mode except by 'ejecting ' track. Keyboard shortcut seems not to work either.  Am I missing something or is there a bug?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your post. I have been able to reproduce this issue again (I thought I had fixed it!). I am currently preparing a new version which I will post here for you to test.

Kind regards,


Thanks, look forward to trying it out.


Hi Mike,

You can download the new version from here:


Wow! Amazing same day service. Thats sorted it. Many thanks.



Whilst I am unable to reproduce it on my W10 test system I have started getting reports (as of 10th April) of presenters being unable to stop /pause / eject long tracks (track duration is in order of 1hr) mid way through,  on our W8.1 studio system.


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