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Fixed Time Marker Bug In PlayIt Manager 1.02 beta

Firstly Great job on the PlayIt Manager 1.02 & PlayIt Live 1.14 Beta's.

I have noticed you have improved so of the validation in PlayIt Manager which now checks the segue type is set before saving.

I just wanted to report a slight bug with how this works...If you have fixed Time Markers in the clock for an hour you are scheduling, click schedule then click save you will get an error message similar to

"Segue type not set for Wednesday 01 February 2017 13:00: Position: 1"

Clicking on the crosses in the segue column for each fixed time marker will resolve the problem. 

I thought the problem may have been able to resolved by removing and re-adding the fixed time markers from the clock, ensuring they were given a tick in the segue column. However this is not the case, when you click schedule fixed time markers always appear with a cross in the segue column

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reporting this, I overlooked this. I will take a look this evening.

Kind regards,


Hi Stephen,

I have now resolved this issue. You can download the latest version from the product page: (Download Beta).



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