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Failed to load list to player 1 error

 When i wanna drag-drop tracks in the list there comes an error in red above ::: Failed to load .... instead a music icon there is a circle before with a diagonal i can play tracks further ....... it stucks.......

2 people have this problem

Again the same .... error loading

Hi Elroy

Please confirm that the track you are attempting to load exists on the file system.


I have had exactly the same error.  This may be a really stupid question, but if the file is moved from it's original source/folder on your hard drive after you have loaded it to PIL, will it then not load properly (as PIL can't see it?)  I may have done that and not realised that would affect it - doh!

Player track editor failed to load any of my music. It has stopped working. Please help.

How do I take the tracks off play it li e back to my laptop.

Hello Collette.

There is a basic concept you need to understand.

When you add tracks to the PlayIt Live library they are not copied or moved, the library is a list of file locations and metadata for in points out points etc.but the file is always where you had it.

I recommend making a copy of your music so that the library is made from a copy, with a folder structure matching your categories in music rotation but you don't have to.

There is no need to "take the tracks off play it live back to my laptop" as they haven't gone anywhere !

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