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Playout Patterns and Semi Auto Mode Insertion

There are two methods of controlling Playout when in a Semi Auto Mode or Auto Mode.

The simpliest is the Playout Pattern. Where as you go to Manage>Playout Pattern and create your pattern.(See Playout Pattern.jpg) Once the pattern is Saved. Slide the control bar to Semi or Auto and that Pattern will load titles from the categories in the pattern you created.

Press Play. And oft you Jolly well go.

In the Semi Auto mode you will be able to insert any title from the Right Hand list. Note that you can change groups at the top of the list.

To Insert, Move your cursor to the title, Press your Left Mouse Button and Hold . Move the mouse to a position above or below the point your like to insert it in the Playout list. Then release the left Mouse button. See it inserted.

Another tip. If you'd like to stop the Playout so you can do a live break. Click once on the Red Down Arrow on the right end of the Title on the Playout List. It'll wash out meaning the playout will stop at the end of this Title. (See Inserting Tract.jpg)

To resume the playout, Press Play at the bottom of the screen or on the appropriate Cart Player above.

The other method of scheduling playout is a Clock. Clocks can be rather complicated and we'll go there in another discussion. A tip: Playout Pattern is required whichever method you choose to use.

It is the default pattern PlayIt Live uses, including default fill when a Clock Playout is short of assigned categories.


Is it possible to save more than one playout pattern?

To control patterns based on what you expect to hear in any particular hour- Create Clocks based on the pattern you'd like to save.   Create many different clocks with varying patterns.   Then schedule the clocks.   When clocks are scheduled Play It Live will base the playout on clock assignments for each hour.    If no clock created or scheduled,  Playout is based on the one Playout Pattern you create.  There is only one pattern option..  However, you can make one that is long so it includes the changes you wish to hear.

Patterns management  is very simple and does not require Clocks and Scheduling of Clocks.   To control each hour's content differently,  use Clocks and assign the appropriate clock to each hour.

If you build a clock that does not have enough songs to fill an hour, Play It Live refers to your Pattern to fill the the balance of the hour.

What I would like to do is to have 2 different playout patterns - one for each station I do programmes for and be able to load them as and when - I can't see how to do this. Is it not possible?

Sounds like you need build two clocks and schedule them.

Please refer to the Documentation pages and find "scheduling" "Clocks" and "Playout"

If you are attempting to use PlayItLive to assemble  programme elements to play multiple times later,  you may find it's somewhat  beyond it's automated scope.   PlayIt Live is more of an automated Playout that follows your rules as it plays from the clocks and groups you build.   A work around is put PIL on Manual, and  drag and drop Tracks  on the playout screen.  When you have added all the tracks for an hour, start recording an SD or CD.  SLide PlayIt Live to Semi_auto and Press Play.      While it's Playing, you can insert by Dragging and dropping.  

Others on this forum may be able to point out other Tips and Tricks.   

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