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Microsoft RDP and sound cards (Roland UA-25EX)

This may not come as a complete surprise to some but hopefully help others.

If you have a "professional" version of Windows 10 it is possible to use "remote desktop" to connect to another Windows 10 PC over a network and for it (generally) to behave as if you have logged in to the machine directly.

In the PlayIt Live context this can be useful if you have a machine you wish to run 24x7 doing playout while occasionally managing it.

Remote desktop allows what it calls "local resources" to either appear on the "local" machine (the one you are connecting from) or the "remote" computer (the playout machine) and so you would typically select "play on remote computer" to make the sound come out of the playout machine.

All well and good, however there is a longtime bug with Microsoft RDP that when you disconnect there is a glitch in the audio.

After some research I discovered a mention that this didn't happen if the souncard is using ASIO drivers. To some extent this seems obvious but it took me a while to discover it.

Now my Roland UA-25EX is set on "advanced mode", using Roland's ASIO driver and no glitches when I stop RDP sessions.

It's a great sound card if you want a single stereo pair in and out and has a limiter/compressor on the input (very handy for taking a mixer input).

Although it is no longer made it is supported in Windows 10 (if you have the newer EX version).

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