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Short cut to copy and paste multiple entries

Good afternoon everyone.  I am brand new here, and will be starting a new internet radio station soon, and will be using PlayIt as my automation software.  Although the station will be streaming 24/7, we will only be playing 12 hours of new music daily, from 6a-6p EST, and the programming will repeat 6p-6a.  Is there some sort of a shortcut, that will allow me to copy and paste everything from that 12 hour block to the second 12 hour block, without having to do it individually??  thanks for any help!!

Alan Williams

Monkees Radio

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your question. The answer is 'not right now' but there is a feature coming in the next version of PlayIt Live that will let you export a number of hours from the log and reimport them again into the future. Please look out for this in the coming weeks.


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