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ASIO4ALL support


I have a Chinese USB analogue i/o adapter that used to work on a previous version of PlayItLive.  I have re-installed it on a new computer running Win 10 and now I can't get it to work.  I have uploaded and am using the latest version of play it live and I find that the ports are not visible in deck settings.

Can someone please clarify whether the latest version of PlayItLive still supports ASIO4ALL ?

Thanks,  Stephen. 

Hi Stephen,

Currently PlayIt Live will ignore ASIO4ALL due to conflicts with other audio devices. This is being looked at about how we can bring this back in the future.


Thank you.  Do you have any recommended hardware that I can use instead that will work with PlayItLive or simply just show up in Windows as 4 x USB Speaker outputs?

I have some Turtle Beach single channel USB audio sound cards BUT they are very noisy.


Stephen, I've had a bit of a sound card "habit" and the results of some of my experiments can be seen at:

Although there is a minor diver issue, my recommendation would currently be the "ESI Gigaport HD+"

If three stereo channels will suffice (you can use the "built in" soundcard for cue) then the ESI UDJ6 is good. I've also found the Hercules DJ Trim 4&6 is well made and has decent drivers.

Fundamentally you take a bit of a gamble with the supporting software and generally my "habit" has been supported by eBay purchases. This has the merit that if it doesn't work out you can generally recoup most of your investment.

A bit more info on my current system including sound cards at

The ideal is a mixer with decent USB support but that takes you to D&R and spending quite a lot of money......

Thanks for the tip.  I have seen your post on the Richer man's setup and asked you a question there about the S/N ratio.

Cheers,  Stephen.

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