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Internet Broadcast plugin with microphone

Hi - I'm using the internet broadcast and microphone push to talk plugins with PlayItLive.

The microphone settings have been a bit strange, but I have configured the microphone plugin to my USB microphone.

If I broadcast the playitlive mainmix to my audio stream, then you cannot hear the microphone.

The way round this is to select "headphones" as the playback in the microphone plugin, and then stream the "headphones" feed to the streaming server. This allows the microphone to be broadcast. But it feels a slightly sub-optimal way of doing things. It also means that any other noise omitted by the computer (a notification or other windows noise that gets picked up through the headphone feed) also gets broadcast into the stream.

Any advice much appreciated!

I'll give that first bit of first post a try again - I mean everything is recognized and does work - its the end bit it falls down on, so going back to original ask - there must be something I am not seeing in the output from PIL to any recording device I am guessing? Short of setting another laptop in his house I am running out of options. So weird it works for broadcast.

Ok - abandoning idea of separate mixer for moment. Going to get him to use USB mic and standard play it live set up. Is there anything I need to do short of setting encoder to Play It Live Main Mix for broadcast? In terms of the PIL recorder, and reading that the PIL Main Mix doesn't go anywhere, where I should point the recorder to in order to get the full thing captured please?

Thank you for your help this far by the way, much appreciated.

You could try 'Stereo Mix' - it's hard to tell though without seeing what options the PC is offering ... 

My understanding of "Stereo Mix" is that it is whatever is the default sound output is set on a Realtek sound card.

Thus you can record whatever is being sent to the PC speakers.

This may or may not include a USB mic (which will have some delay - this may or may not be a problem).

The PlayIt Live "main mix" can't be directed to a sound card, only the constituents can.

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