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Rodecaster Pro

Hi all,

Does playit live work with the Rodecaster Pro. Does anyone have any experience with this.



Hello George,

I've not used PlayIt Live with the Rodecaster Pro but at a basic level I can't see why it wouldn't work.

The main problem I foresee is that there is only one fader that has the computer audio on it.

Depending on the application that may or may not be a limitation.

I had an investigate of the Rodecaster Pro when it came out. .

Sadly, I concluded that the Rodecaster Pro is nearly a good mixer for PlayIt Live but unfortunately isn't.

If the firmware allowed the buttons to act as keyboard keypresses and the non-mic channels to be used as multiple computer audio sources it could be exactly what is needed but at the time I looked this wasn't possible.

Rather more expensive, but the recent USB D&R mixers are a closer fit for most use cases. 


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply mate. Shame really. Been looking at the D&R webstation to be honest but because of price I was hoping the RODE would be suitable :-) 

Thanks again

Hello George,

I've a D&R Airmate (which I bought second hand some years ago) and it's superb.

I wrote up my opinions on some mixer options in "The Rich(er) Man's radio setup":

Sadly the mixer market isn't good at providing low cost "radio friendly" mixers. 

The most cost effective answers tend to be something second hand and a USB sound card.



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Nice, I will definitely read your write up.

I've been presenting for 25 years but decided to start my own internet station currently using SAM cloud but need to get back to presenting a show :-) and was looking at a USB mixer like a Behringer XENYX X1222USB but I guess I would need an external sound card to allow me to assign sound to each channel (fader) i.e deck 1 deck 2 jingles etc.

Thanks as always for your reply Mark.

Well George,

As ever in life, it's a matter of requirements and budget.

I'm only a "hobby" user of PlayIt LIve but I've been into DJing and music since the 1970s and (for various reasons) I've a good understanding of mixers.

When I started with PlayIt Live I spent a while investigating sound cards and (primarily to document some experiences with sound cards) I wrote up the "Poor Man's Radio setup".

The mixer shown in that (should you be able to source one second hand) is actually quite reasonable for hobby use and has faders for a microphone. 

Ignore the sound card information in that article as PlayIt Live now doesn't work with ASIO4ALL.

If I were buying a cheap mixer now I would avoid live band mixers. 

I owned the previous version of the Behringer DX2000USB (the DX1000) which was good (I replaced it with the D&R Airmate) and for a reasonable price that's worth a look.

The Behringer DX2000USB (and many mixers with a USB connection) only has one stereo channel on the USB so you would want a multi-channel sound card.

I wrote up some sound card information here:

You might want as many as 5 stereo channels with PlayIt Live (players 1, 2 & 3, carts and a prehear) although I find a 4 stereo channel card fine as carts and prehear can (in my view) share as you use carts around when you are talking so you don't need to prehear at the same time.

I also like a sound card with a limiter (unless there is some kind of processing prior to the sound card input).

That shortens the list considerably (and increases the cost), for current models the Roland Rubix 24 looks good (on paper at least). If I were buying new now I would probably get that.

I'm using an old sound card (the Edirol UA-25) and the newer version Edirol UA-25EX (which has Windows 10 support) would be a good second hand buy. 


Great info, Thanks for taking the time to help Mark. Your are a legend.

I think I'll most likely go for the D&R Webstation.

Thanks again mate,

Stay safe.

Hi. I have the Yamaha ag03 mixer which works well with play it live. I’m needing a mixer with mix minus without a huge amount of space. If I upgraded to the rode caster pro would it work like the Yamaha ag03 in a previous post with play it live.
If the Yamaha AG03 meets your current needs with PlayIt Live then it seems likely that you would find the Rodecaster Pro OK. There is a new version which, from reports, seems to be considerably more flexible and to address some of the weaknesses of the original version. As far as I can see, it’s still not easy to get multiple faders with different PlayIt Live outputs on them but the two USB connections have some potential. If you make a programme with multiple contributors then I would say version 2 is well worth a look.
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