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Suggestion for trigger options on Playit


I do have a suggestion, if it might be considered to add an option that would be able to trigger the players on Play it software from the start/ stop (momentary pulse)  button of the audio console ( mixing desk) 

Perhaps there would be required a custom made card to be installed on the PC   that can interface between Play it software and the start / stop button of the audio console, so the start / stop button of the audio console can start or stop the player on Play it software.

Would not be a problem if it is an paid option to purchase the custom made interface card to install on the PC.

Thank You.


 Something to think about

I did this with some other playout software a few years ago, we used a keyboard (one of those small ones with just the numbers) and took it apart and routed 2 of the keys via the mixer start/stop remotes & it worked a treat.

This way we just assigned actions to keyboard shortcuts

Hello Richinald,

I've made what you want.

Have a read of the following:

If you have any questions, it would be best to post them there.

I nearly went down the MIDI route (and I found a supplier of a potentially suitable MIDI interface) but this looked a good approach and became a "lockdown project".

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