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Voicetrack Crashing / Freezing

Myself and my presenters have noticed a really frustrating thing with PlayIt Voicetrack in that it will occasionally freeze - this can be when we're recording or just after we've finished recording a link or it can be if the software has been open a while.

A presenter today spent an hour recording his show when the program froze and his links didn't upload so they're having to try and get them up again.

Is there a reason Playit VT should be doing this? 

Hi Chris,

Assuming you are remote voice tracking, I'm surprised to hear that the links did not upload as they would upload immediately after they close the segue editor - i.e. they are sent on the fly. PlayIt VoiceTrack produces memory dump files when it detects freezing. These can be sent by sending over the diagnostic data using this tool:, selecting PlayIt VoiceTrack and ensuring that the .dmp files are selected.

It would be great if you were able to tell me the series of events that happened in order to cause the freeze or crash so the problem can be reproduced on my side.


I've just had it crash on me, by moving a song along the timeline and the voicetrack to overlap it. The program now just says "Not Responding" 

(2.97 MB)

Hi Chris,

As requested, please could you send the diagnostic data which includes the memory dump files which may help provide more information as to the cause of the freezing.



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