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Separate Voice Track Module for Recording Voice Tracks into Log

I was wondering if would it be possible to create a stand alone module that would only record voice tracks scheduled on the log, basically connecting to the current log on air through the on-air software, So that someone from another studio or location could record Voice Tracks scheduled on the log ahead of time. I know there is another module for voice tracking, however that is combing music tracks and voice tracks together in one file. Something similar to your remote management module, where you connect to the on air log and select scheduled voice tracks and record them. 

Hi Andrew,

What you are describing is remote voice tracking. This is planned for release by end of Q1 2018 for subscribers of the Voice Tracking Module.


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wonderful !! thanks

That's great! I can't wait!

The voice tracking module as it is, mixes down the audio tracks into one file, yeah? I gather it isn't some special file that tells PlayIt (and ultimately, the stream encoder) what song is playing - like some kind of huge metafile that contains the times each song is playing?

The reason I ask is that right now I'm testing PlayIt, RadioDJ, and StationPlaylist for an online station. The main thing I need is the ability to have DJs anywhere in the world record their breaks without needing direct access to the server, or need all the software installed.

Thank you for writing such a good studio playout engine along with the auxiliary software.
I’ve had a problem today with voice tracking I recorded a two hour programme everything seemed ok but Programme Director messaged me to say programme cut out after 40 minutes into it and then had huge gaps everywhere some audio and vt links any ideas what went wrong ? It worked perfectly yesterday on a one hour programme

Hi Richard,

I had another user report a similar issue. It is possible to inadvertently modify the segue with the track before the one you have selected in the segue editor. This could have caused a massive gap and the length of the show being longer than expected. I have updated PlayIt VoiceTrack to prevent this from happening. Hopefully this should resolve your issue. You can download this new version:

Good morning Jason Thanks for your reply . I read your comments and what I don’t understand is why everything was going well for the first 40 minutes and then silence and every now and again it would cut back in with my voice tracks and then go silent or the music files would start playing and then silence . I don’t use a mixer or an interface to run my microphone through I just use a mic in socket and use dell sound control panel to mute the mic between voiceovers as I’ve had a problem where it just picks up my voice but I can hear the music as through iPhone earphones very quietly . When I had the problem the other day I didn’t mute the mic could that be the reason for the cutting out ? Kind regards Richard

Hi Richard,

Please check the PlayIt VoiceTrack Project (.pivt) file that was used to Mixdown the audio for playback on your station. I would suspect you can see the gaps that were exported if you scroll through the waveforms.


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