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hi all, trialling the VT plugin before purchasing seem to have a couple of issues.. having recorded a link when reviewing back everything seems to go in slow-motion. I have to restart the program to review link, all is well until the next record, back to slow-motion... also seem to be getting an error window pop up when final Mixdown, ...any one else have the same problem... just to add I'm using my mic through an analogy desk via an external soundcard..   

Hi Mark,

This might be better explained with a video. It sounds like to could be a sample rate inconsistency issue - hard to say. What does the error window popup say when doing the final mixdown?

Hi Jason see attached

Hi Mark,

This isn't an error I've come across before and the error report you sent gives me no indication as to the cause of the problem - which is rare. Do you get any progress on the mixdown or does it immediately throw up that error?

Hi Jason the error is up as the Mixdown progresses if I close the error the program closes. If left open the Mixdown completes and is saved. Then I close the error and the program shuts down. A possible reload of the program maybe??

Hi Mark,

I'm still struggling to reproduce the issue you are seeing. Please can you describe step by step what you are doing to see the issue. Are you able to break it down to a very simple project that you could send me along with the audio files that might help reproduce the issue on my side.


hi Jason thanks for the update so far... so as of now loaded the paid VT and the error has gone all seems fine just one further issue the saved mp3 file after mixdown seems to be running slow on playback.. any ideas 

just to add tried saving in both mp3 and wav and the same problem 

sorry to be a pain .... ignore the above ... rebooted my machine and all seems fine .... at the moment... i'll keep you posted if i have further problems ... 

I've applied a new version which should hopefully resolve the error for future users.

With regards to 'running slow on playback' - can you show a video which demonstrates this problem?

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