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Rermote VT on Mac

Hi all, I have the VT module on studio playout and want remote presenters to record the bits however one or two are on a mac so how can they log in and do VT when they cannon download a mac version of the remote VT. i would say half of the presenters with be mac based so i am wondering if its actually worth me having the module.

Anyone know if it can be done by Mac users and if so how?

Hi Mark

Apologies for the delay in responding to this message but in other conversations with your I know you managed to gain success using Parallels + Windows on your Mac.

I am working on a web based version of Remote Voice Tracking which should enable Mac users to remote voice track via a web browser. Keep an eye out for this.


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Hello Mark, As a general observation, I’ve found that Remote Desktop from a mac to a Windows machine can work well. You would have to arrange secure access to an “on premises” Windows machine (which requires Windows Professional) but it’s worth thinking about.
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