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Can you add cue points etc from an imported m3u playlist

 When I import a m3u playlist, noticed that there's no cue points showing on the tracks. Am I able to add these ?


Hi Wayne,

Cue points can be configured by first adding the files as tracks in PlayIt Live and choosing the Analyse silence option when adding. Then when you add the tracks via an external playlist or m3u file PlayIt Live will first try to match the playlist entry to a track in its database and insert that (along with its cue points).



Hi Jason,

OK, I've tried that, but the cue settings still don't carry over...It's prob me, but I've tried several times still with the same result..Any idea's. ??



All good, found the problem. The playlist needs to be created in a media product. I was creating them in BeaTunes and for some reason, these playlists didn't carry to cue points across.


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