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I need help with this

I am not happy with this I am trying to get the playlist to play all but it looks like this Please help me Thanks Matt
(1.91 MB)
(1.89 MB)
(2.05 MB)

Hi Matt,

Which version of PlayIt do you have? 

(you can find this out by clicking Help on the top menu)

I have new one playit live 1.15 and I am still having lots of problems deleting songs from the playlist Area Matt It's starting to annoy me a lot
(1.84 MB)

Ok.. Have you tried taking all your tracks out of the database and re-adding them? - Also, I had a similar problem when I was using a portable hard drive because windows kept putting it to sleep when it was idle.

Let me know how you get on.

Well I'm not to happy at all with your guys playit live software it does not like me like this 1. Lots of software issues going on 2. I am trying and trying to delete all my songs from the playit live playlist arena and I have no way at doing that deleting the songs I guess I just give up on your guys software Because I'm having lots of problems with it From, Matt
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