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Deva RDS

I'm new both to PIL and RDS.  I'd like some help configuring the PIL Now Playing Plugin to work with Deva SmartGen RDS encoders.   I found the following info online.

I captures a screen shot  and edited it:


Is that all I need to do?  PTY is already set o n my RDS and I don't want to change so should I leave out that line?  Do I need the DPS= line?



Hi Julian. Do you have the documentation of the RDS encoder I can use to check what is required?

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Here's the basic manual which says very little about song/title:

More revealing is that they publish instructions for several automation systems and the instructions are all the same for what to do on the Deva.  The Key is creating the correct data format in the automation system:

If you glance through a couple of the listed automations systems you'll see what I mean.

I've looked at the documentation and you appear to be using it correctly. Please check the IP address and Port. These should be the IP address and Port of the RDS unit on your network. Their examples appear to be using port 1024.

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Thank You Jason

Jason -

I'm still unsuccessful in getting PIL to send the song data to my Deva RDS equipment.  

I can manually send data using a TTY program on port 1024 using a different computer.  (The IT Dept. won't let me run a TTY program on the PIL computer).

I thought maybe the formatting was off so I tested sending the data to a text file from PIL and the formatting looks perfect and the info changes every time the song changes just like it should.  However it just doesn't work between the PIL computer to the Deva.  What I get is once in a while one song title - artist does get through but it gets stuck in the display for a couple of days.  Then a second song works but doesn't get replaced when the song changes.

This highly intermittent behaviour is puzzling.

Do you have any ideas what could be causing it?



I'm still stuck on this one.  The IT Dept installed PuTTY for me on the  computer the PIL software is installed on and I can send fake song artists / song titles using a TEXT= ASCII code.  I now know that computer is capable of sending info to the RDS and there isn;t a network issue.  Why can't the Now Playing plugin also do the same?

Hi Julian

Please can you post screenshots of what you have entered into PuTTY vs what you have entered into the Now Playing plugin. This will be helpful to compare.

PIL Now Playing plugin is:


I initiate a PuTTY session with these settings:


When the terminal window opens I type in:


I'm also creating a text file using the same settings and the text file gets over written every time the song changes with the proper 

artist  / title info.  Is there a problem doing both at once?

correction.  I'm not sending "Now Playing" with the Plugin.  Only TEXT={{artist}} - {{title}}

I can see the Now Playing has sent the data (green text) so the plugin is sending what it has been told to send. It may be that your TCP text requires a new line (carriage return) at the end of the Template in order for the unit to accept the command.

How do I add a carriage return?

Ensure there is a blank line at the end, i.e. press Return/Enter at the end of the line

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