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Multiple DJ Remote Voice Track

Is it possible to have multiple DJ's Voice Track Remotely at the same time like for doing voice tracked morning show segments?

Hi James

Yes, multiple DJs can voice track in the same hour, however they should work closely together to understand who is voice tracking which slots and may need to refresh to page to see each other's changes.

Thanks for the info. I apologize I didn't explain what I was asking clear enough. 

I was wondering if there was a way to do a combined voice track similar to how the  "live show" section works. where 2 DJ's can be on at the same time and talk back and forth in talk back mode and then hit a record button and record the voice track segment together inside the playit live software.  

 I really like how the live show feature works , but there are times when you would want to track out a show ahead ( Vacation, holidays, etc..) and it would be nice to be able to do it in the same interface.

If it's not currently available, I would love to see it added as a future feature request, or as an option to the voice track module so it could be used to build out a show from 2 places without using skype or zoom to connect the 2 participants.

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