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colored clocks for playback

new member & user here...and loving every minute of it so far. I'm curious what the Blue colored clock is for on the playback units? Nothing ever happens there...The green & red clocks run and I understand them...but the very top Blue one?? 

This represents the Intro countdown. This is documented here (Players section)

Great,,,thank you Jason. Looking at this link however doesn't help me understand how to make it function.  There is undoubtedly a setting to set the Intro countdown... I'm not finding it however. 

Intro data is set on each track. When a track has an intro point set by editing the track then the track will count down from the beginning to the intro point.

I'll continue to play around...I'm slowly making progress. For me it's often a cause & effect kinda deal. I have to change a setting and see/listen to what changes...eventually I get it. Might take me a while...doing that right now and have yet to see/hear the change. I have a 14.47 intro set on one track and am trying to see exactly what changes there.

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